12 Must-Visit Anna Maria Island Restaurants

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As someone who has called the stunning shores of Anna Maria Island a home away from home, I can attest that exploring its vibrant culinary scene is one of the best things to do here! From breakfast to dinner, and every snack in between, I’ve savored the flavors of this coastal haven. So join me on this foodie adventure, as I introduce you to the best Anna Maria Island restaurants that make this destination a food lover’s paradise!

Best Anna Maria Island Restaurants

1. The Waterfront Restaurant

When it comes to the best restaurants in Anna Maria Island, we’re starting off strong with one of my absolute faves! The Waterfront Restaurant reigns supreme with its impeccable seafood offerings. It has become a staple for me every time I visit Anna Maria Island.

The tuna, calamari, and shrimp and grits are nothing short of amazing, creating an experience that lingers long after the last bite. I am determined to make my way through the entire menu! I have yet to be disappointed by this place.

2. Pizza Social

Pizza Social is a testament to the art of transforming the seemingly simple into the unequivocally extraordinary. While pizza may be perceived as a straightforward dish, finding a place that elevates it to unparalleled heights can be a challenge.

However, Pizza Social not only meets this challenge but surpasses it with flying colors. With a commitment to crafting their dough and tomato base pizza sauce from scratch daily, hand-tossing and stretching the dough to achieve a tantalizingly thin crust, and topping each pizza with freshly shredded mozzarella cheese, Pizza Social ensures that every bite is an experience unlike any other.

The culmination of this meticulous process is a pizza fired up in a 700-degree imported Italian oven, resulting in a perfectly cooked masterpiece that beckons to be savored—a fitting reward after a long and enjoyable day at the beach!

3. The Donut Experiment

At The Donut Experiment, the culinary journey begins with the unique opportunity to craft your own personalized donut creation. From choosing the perfect glaze to selecting your toppings, every option is at your fingertips, allowing you to tailor your donut to your exact preferences.

Once your masterpiece is assembled, it is then expertly prepared and served warm, ensuring that each bite is a testament to your own flavorful imagination.

As someone who literally had their jaw drop with the first taste, I can attest that these donuts are more than a treat—they’re a revelation. The Donut Experiment transforms a simple pleasure into a memorable experience, and it’s a must-stop Anna Maria Island restaurant for anyone with a sweet tooth!

The Donut Experiment AMI

4. The SandBar Restaurant

Indulge in a true island experience at The SandBar Restaurant, where cocktails meet the sound of ocean waves. After grabbing your favorite drink (mine is a mango pina colada), dip your toes in the soft sands just steps away.

This beachfront gem combines the best of coastal living—refreshing drinks, salty air, and the soothing rhythm of the Gulf! The menu offers an array of seafood dishes. We typically just grab a small bite and a drink here. Their ceviche is our go-to!

5. Harry’s Grill

Dive into the laid-back island life at Harry’s Grill, a great casual restaurant on Anna Maria Island! This gem offers live music, a chill vibe, and a picture-perfect patio that’s begging to be Instagrammed.

For food – their nachos and onion rings are seriously next-level delicious. But they have plenty of options to choose from whether you’re in the food for steak or seafood.

Every Sunday morning they have a Halleluja Brunch from 10 am – 11:30 am where they offer a free home-cooked breakfast while you enjoy worship singing and a short message to get your week started on the right track!

6. Rod & Reel Pier

For a glimpse of local life and a taste of fresh seafood, Rod & Reel Pier is the place to be. Watch skilled fishermen in action as you enjoy the coastal breeze. We opted for the blackened grouper sandwich minus the bun—a simple yet flavorful choice that captures the essence of the island.

7. The Doctor’s Office

No trip to Anna Maria Island is complete without a stop at The Doctor’s Office. Beyond its quirky name lies an establishment that takes craft cocktails to a whole new level. An impressive menu, a shot upon arrival, and a cool vibe make this a must-visit Anna Maria Island restaurant if you’re seeking a unique and memorable experience.

The menu is a symphony of flavors, with standout dishes like the Anna Marribbean Grouper—a coconut and cashew-encrusted Gulf Grouper adorned with red pepper papaya jam, delivering a taste of the Caribbean. Everything about The Doctor’s Office brings such a unique vibe to the island, I know you’re going to fall in love!

This spot can get pretty busy, so be sure to make your appointment in advance 😉

8. Wicked Cantina

For an irresistible Mexican fiesta, Wicked Cantina is calling you with its flavorful offerings. The taco salad, in particular, captured my heart and taste buds. Dive into bold and authentic Mexican flavors that add a spicy twist to your island culinary adventure.

The margaritas were lovely, and they had plenty of mezcal options as well which is always my go-to!

This restaurant is actually on Bradenton Beach but it’s just a 10-minute drive from Anna Maria Island. They also have locations in Sarasota and St. Pete!

Wicked Cantina taco salad

9. The Porch Restaurant

The Porch Restaurant is another must for your list of must-visit Anna Maria Island restaurants! Get ready to be obsessed with this scratch kitchen that transforms ingredients into works of art. The Harvest Salad and Ribeye sandwich showcase the skillful artistry of their chefs.

This spot is a testament to the island’s commitment to fresh, quality ingredients and an unforgettable dining experience. These flavorful memories will stay with you even after you get home from your vacation!

10. Peach’s

Located on Holmes Beach near Anna Maria Island, Peach’s is a charming diner that exudes warmth and offers delicious, and affordable breakfast options. However, the true gem of this restaurant is the renowned peach cobbler, which consistently steals the spotlight.

Regardless of whether or not Remi and I grab breakfast here or not, we never leave without grabbing their peach cobbler! I’m telling ya, it’s a must!

Whether visiting for a hearty breakfast or simply to indulge in their signature dish, Peach’s is a must-visit Anna Maria Island restaurant.

Peach cobbler from Peaches near Anna Maria Island

11. North Shore Cafe

North Shore Cafe is one of my all-time favorite coffee shops on Anna Maria Island! It offers an adorable and enchanting outdoor setting and a nice little variety of offerings. This charming cafe is the perfect sanctuary to savor a freshly brewed cup of coffee, indulge in delectable acai bowls, and more.

Don’t forget to capture a snapshot of the famous “Greetings from Anna Maria Island” postcard mural!

12. Smoqe House

For barbecue enthusiasts seeking exceptional flavors, Smoqe House is a stand out on this list of Anna Maria Island restaurants. It’s a place where the enticing aroma of smoked meats and the robust taste of perfectly seasoned dishes converge to create a journey through the heart of barbecue excellence!

Whether you’re drawn in by the enticing smells or captivated by the perfectly seasoned dishes, Smoqe House is the perfect place to savor the flavors of exceptional barbecue in a setting that embraces the island’s charm and allure.

Which of These Anna Maria Island Restaurants Are You Visiting First?

As we end our foodie tour of Anna Maria Island, one thing becomes abundantly clear—the island’s culinary landscape is as diverse and enchanting as its coastal beauty! Each of these Anna Maria Island restaurants offers a unique thread in the tapestry of flavors, and adds its own color and charm to the vibrant dining scene.

From breakfast at Peach’s to craft cocktails at The Doctor’s Office, I hope that you enjoy every bite (and sip) at these delicious Anna Maria Island restaurants!

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