12 Fun Things You Must Do in Vegas

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There is so much to see and do in Las Vegas, I swear I could visit for a month and not do it all. So many fun activities and extravagant resorts (there are so many Instagrammable places!) that are an adventure all on their own! Whether you are dedicating your weekend here or making it a pit stop during an epic West Coast US road trip, these Vegas activities are sure to help you fill up you’re itinerary!

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Fun Things You Must Do in Vegas

Experience the resorts

Vegas is so wild because every single hotel truly feels like its own city. Each resort has its own unique offering. The Venetian has gondola rides, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Caesar’s Palace has the Trevi Fountain, and The Bellagio has the fountain show and botanical gardens.

I mean really the list goes on and on. I’m convinced you could go to Vegas and not spend a dime on activities and just wander through all of the hotels in amazement. I also recommend checking out Chandelier Bar inside the Cosmopolitan as well! It’s such a stunning, unique bar— you truly feel like you’re inside a chandelier.

Go to a speakeasy

The rise of speakeasies in the last five years has made me so happy. It doesn’t matter where you’re staying in Vegas— chances are you’re going to be near at least one speakeasy. They’re pretty huge in Vegas. The Cosmopolitan has like five hidden bars and eateries just in it alone!

Sometimes they’re behind unassuming doors in busy locations, other times they’re in barbershops. Or maybe there’s a random shelf in a convenience store that is waiting to be pushed back to lead you to an escape with delightful craft cocktails.

Meow Wolf at Area15

Area15 is an immersive playground and experimental futuristic shopping complex about a mile west of The Strip. This was hands down one of my favorite experiences of the trip; it is so unique! Area15 is full of museums, shops, and interactive exhibits like VR, axe throwing, indoor golf, and sooo much more.

Check out this video for a better look at Meow Wolf! Meow Wolf’s concept reminded me of a more modern City Museum in St. Louis!

They also even sometimes have DJs perform! Admission to Area15 itself is free, but you will need to reserve a time slot. The activities that you want to do inside Area15, like Meow Wolf, will have their own costs. For adults, Omega Mart at Meow Wolf is $45, and it’s worth it.

So what is Meow Wolf? Well..honestly it’s kind of hard to explain. You enter Omega Mart and it looks similar to your typical grocery store at first glance, but then you begin to realize things are a little bit off.

The contents of the store are weird off brands (“Who Told You This Was Butter?” and “Nut-Free Salted Peanuts”), the aisle signs include things like “bugs” and “canned moods,” there’s interactive art, oh, and my favorite part— secret “portals” that lead you to what truly feels like a whole new world.

Experience Old Vegas and Fremont Street

Step into a vibrant world of dazzling lights and lively energy with Fremont Street in Old Vegas—a captivating journey that transports you to the heart of Sin City’s vibrant history and modern allure.

Having experienced the electrifying energy of EDC Vegas 2023 firsthand, where the music and atmosphere were nothing short of EPIC, my choice to stay in the Fremont area rather than camp allowed me to extend the thrill of the festival into the heart of the city.

From the moment you step onto the iconic pedestrian mall, you’re enveloped by a kaleidoscope of neon lights, live entertainment, and the constant hum of excitement. Whether you’re gazing up at the dazzling overhead light show or taking a chance at the vintage-style casinos, Fremont Experience offers a taste of Vegas that’s both nostalgic and cutting-edge.

Here you can enjoy activities like the Fremont Street Experience, the Mob Museum, and the Neon Museum. It’s not as touristy as The Strip, but just as interesting!

There’s a lot of history here, including Atomic Liquors (featured in The Hangover), which was the first business in Las Vegas to be given a tavern license to sell liquor and operate an onsite bar! Its license number is literally #00001! Aside from the activities and history, there are also light shows, free live music, and their Downtown Rocks Concert Series which often has big names you can watch free of charge!

Check out this walking tour if you really want to get into the history.

Walk down The Strip with a drink in hand

That’s right: Nevada open container laws allow adults 21 and older to consume alcohol on Vegas sidewalks on the Las Vegas Strip! (Downtown and Fremont Street have slightly more restrictive container laws). Make sure to utilize this, because you can pregame with your own booze to save money for your nights out 😉

Touristy, but unique activities

Take a picture at the Welcome to Vegas sign, ride the High Roller or the Big Apple Roller Coaster, explore The Linq Promenade, or check out the Eiffel Tower viewing deck!

There are so many fun and unique activities, so I recommend checking out at least one! If you want to or think you’ll have time for more you can always get the Vegas City Pass which allows you to do several attractions for a fraction of the price!

Get out in nature

Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire are less than an hour’s drive from The Strip! If you aren’t wanting to venture that far, there are trails at Red Rock Canyon and Seven Magic Mountains (a desert art installation) that are a little less than 30 minutes away.

We only had our rental car for part of our trip and we didn’t want to drive too far, so we just did Red Rock Canyon (here’s a list of all the trails) and Seven Magic Mountains. Both were amazing and I definitely would recommend checking them out.

This tour provides transportation to and from the Hoover Dam if you don’t rent or have a vehicle!

See a show

Are you into magic, music, comedy, or seductive male dancing? Trust me, whatever you’re into, there’s a Vegas show for you! Check out your options here!


Look, you don’t have to go balls to the wall on this one, but it is fun to try your luck a little bit on the slots or better yet at the tables while you’re in Vegas. You don’t even have to spend any of your own money! Here are some ways to save money on your Vegas trip, even while gambling 😉

gambling in Vegas at the Cash Machine slot

Take a different type of risk

Ever thought about skydiving? What better place than Vegas?! Groupon even often has deals to check out for the activity! If that’s a little too risky for you, there are also dune buggies, ziplining, helicopter rides, or ATVing as other fun alternatives!

Pool parties

For my Florida peeps, if you think Miami pool parties are awesome— wait until you experience a Vegas pool party. It’s like 4x the size of Miami pool parties and so awesome. They have them during the day and at night, but they are seasonal. Ayu Dayclub and Encore Beach Club are my favorites! But if you want more options, here’s a complete list of the best pool parties in Vegas!

Night clubs

The nightclub scene in Vegas is off the hook. The clubs are so gorgeous and they usually have decently big names performing there. Some clubs even have big-name DJ residents like Marshmello, Zedd, and RL Grime! Here’s a list of the best nightclubs in Vegas!

Worried about the cost? Dm me on Instagram and I can put you in contact with the promoter I had during my trip! If you’re a girl your entry will be free, and guys’ costs can be cut in half! (Another handy tip on how to save money in Vegas).

views from the DJ area at Encore Beach Club at night in Vegas

Where to stay in Vegas

Check out this Booking widget to find the hotel to best fit your needs! I love Booking.com because most places are free cancellation, and they guarantee you the lowest price!

I personally loved our stay at Flamingo Las Vegas! It was so much fun for my girlfriend’s 30th. The rooms were spacious, the pools were huge, it had an awesome location, plus everything was pink!


Which activity are you most excited about!? If you have any more questions about Vegas feel free to check out my Insta guide here, or DM me! And if you’re exploring more places out west, be sure to check out my other guides like:

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best things to do in Las Vegas: Fun things to do in Vegas


  1. Wow, Vegas has never been on my list before – but now I think I’ll have to add it! These photos are beautiful! 🙂

    1. I honestly didn’t think it was going to live up to the hype for me, but it really exceeded all of my expectations! I hope you do give it a chance someday 🙂

  2. Vegas is such a crazy place! I’ve visited a few times but for conferences so I’ve never had that much time to explore. Usually just a stroll down the Strip and a quick turn on the slots! I’d love to see Fremont Street on my next visit, it looks like so much fun! Thanks for the great guide!

    1. Ahh yes! I definitely hope you take the opportunity to explore it a little next time you’re there 🙂

  3. jetlaggedroamer says:

    To be honest, Vegas hasn’t been on my list. But, after reading this post, I want to visit. Would love to go and just explore all the resorts and catch a show. They look amazing! Maybe I would hit the jackpot too!

    1. It really exceeded all of my expectations! I didn’t think Vegas was going to be my vibe, but it’s definitely one of my favorite cities! Hope you do give it a chance someday 🙂

  4. We LOVE Las Vegas! We just got back a couple of weeks ago! This is such a great list. I am used to going with the family but am planning a girls’ trip so this is REALLY helpful. So glad you put this together, especially the pool parties section because I don’t even know where to start. Thanks for doing this! – Linzey @thefamilyfuntour

    1. Ahh that’s so exciting! It really is such a great city! Hope you have a blast on your girls trip, and I’m so happy I could help 🙂

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