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Tampa has a number of awesome breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms! There’s truly no shortage of ways to get your hands on fresh local craft brew. I’ve compiled this list of the best breweries in Tampa so you can find your new favorite spot!

Breweries in Tampa

1. Tampa Bay Brewing Company

The Tampa Bay Brewing Company has two locations, one in Ybor and one in Westchase. It’s a unique blend of outstanding craft beers made on-site, a broad food menu, and a fun but laid-back vibe.

There are 24 rotating taps in the taproom. The beers offered are flavorful hop-centric IPAs, APAs, expressive sours, and juicy, fruit-forward Florida-Weisse. As for the food menu, you can expect pizzas, burgers, and other American and local staples. I am a sucker for their French onion soup and pizza! I can also vouch for their Greek salad.

2. Woven Water Brewing

Woven Water Brewing is my type of Tampa brewery! They don’t just have your typical IPAs and ales. Woven Water offers a unique array of hard seltzers and fruited sours.

They change seasonally, but for the fall they offer fun options such as pumpkin spice fusion which is a super fruited Sour Ale conditioned on pumpkin, banana, cream of coconut, pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin spices, or their raspberry peach cobbler a la mode which is a super fruited sour ale conditioned on raspberries, peaches, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, and graham crackers.

For someone who isn’t typically much of a beer drinker, I love when breweries have unique options like this! The beer is also a little thicker because it has parts of the fruit actually in it. Definitely ask the bartender about their fermentation and conditioning process, because it’s really interesting!

3. Coppertail Brewing

Coppertail Brewing hosts an extensive tasting room with a great food menu. There’s a rotating 20-beer menu and the tasting room lives in a 100-year-old Ybor City building. It’s definitely a must-stop if you’re spending the day in Ybor.

They have their “core 4” which are brewed all year long and include Unholy, an American Trippel ale, 2 IPAs, and a porter. Unholy is Remi’s personal favorite. I believe it’s partially because of flavor, and partially because it has a 9.2% ABV. My favorite from our flight was the Guava Passion sour (maybe because it reminded me of Hawaii). It was delicious and not too sour!

They have an impressive-sized menu for a brewery. We got one of their specials which was a brisket sandwich. It was so good! Even the fries were amazing (and I’m a tot girl).

4. Angry Chair Brewing

Prepare to be wowed by the bold and innovative creations at Angry Chair Brewing. This renowned brewery has recently moved to a bigger location, providing even more space for craft beer enthusiasts!

With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of flavor, Angry Chair Brewing consistently delivers a diverse range of beers that delight the taste buds and challenge the status quo.

Their new location offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for indulging in their unique brews. From rich and decadent stouts to hop-forward IPAs and barrel-aged wonders, their tap list is a testament to their commitment to quality and creativity.

Holding up a small beer at Angry Chair Brewing in Seminole Heights Tampa

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5. Magnanimous Brewing

Magnanimous Brewing serves a heavy dose of IPAs including some doubles and triples with ABVs up to 10.5%. I’m not an IPA person myself, but I did enjoy their 1000 Eyes which is an imperial sour ale with passionfruit, orange, and guava. They also have porters, stouts, lagers, and pilsners to choose from.

The brewery itself has an adorable patio area along with a spacious tasting room inside, making it a great meet up spot for groups. They even serve coffee in the morning making it a great spot to get some work done in the morning as well! During the weekends they have food trucks present in case you work up an appetite.

6. Ology Brewing

If you’re a fan of sours and innovative cocktails, Ology Brewing is your haven in Seminole Heights. This multifaceted brewery has an impressive lineup of both cocktails and craft beers, including a variety of fun and delicious sours!

Their inviting space greets you with an atmosphere that perfectly reflects their commitment to creativity and quality. From the moment you take your first sip, it’s evident that Ology Brewing is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and offering an unmatched drinking experience making it an easy addition to my list of the best breweries in Tampa!

7. Cigar City Brewing

You most likely associate Cigar City Brewing with its award-winning, hop-forward IPA Jai Alai, which is well-known throughout the country. Jai Alai is one of the best American IPAs and what made Cigar City a household name.

While Cigar City is known for Jai Alai, they have several other outstanding beers which have garnered recognition and awards from local, national, and international craft beer communities. Not to mention most of them pair great with one of Ybor’s famous Cuban sandwiches!

Remi nor I am into IPAs, so Remi got their Cosmic Crown, a Belgian-style strong golden ale and really enjoyed it. I on the other hand sipped one of their guest taps, a homemade apple pie cider that reminded me a bit of Keel and Curley, one of my favorite wineries in Tampa Bay!

There are three locations around Tampa including their Spruce Street Brewery and Taproom, their taproom downtown at Amalie Arena, and their brewpub and taproom at Tampa International Airport.

Beer from Cigar City Brewing in Tampa

8. Common Dialect Beerworks

This family and dog-friendly brewery is the perfect place to gather and enjoy an ice-cold beer! This unique Tampa brewery blends the art of craft beer creation with a warm, inclusive atmosphere, resulting in an unforgettable experience.

Common Dialect’s commitment to quality is evident in every sip, as their skillful brewers concoct a diverse range of flavors that cater to both traditional and adventurous palates. I really enjoyed their Gator Face Embrace which is a mango, coconut, peach, and vanilla sour!

They often have rotating local food trucks on the premise as well as fun events like weekly Tuesday Trivia.

9. Barriehaus Beer Co.

Founded on the enthusiasm for family tradition, a love of innovation, and the enjoyment of premium lager beer, Barriehaus Beer Co. is a community-focused microbrewery that offers the largest downtown Biergarten.

Their beers are poured from Czech side pull faucets which provide a delicious and unique drinking experience for patrons. The side pull allows the beertender to control the flow of beer and provide a perfect pour with the taste of the dense, wet foam. While the beers they serve aren’t my typical go-tos, I was fine with it because I decided to eat my calories and enjoy one of their giant pretzles.

Bring your friends or your dog and enjoy the fantastic beers this bar has to offer. The brewery also offers tours, so make sure to stop by!

10. Bastet Brewing

I was actually blown away by Bastet Brewing. Being a nanobrewery, they place a strong emphasis on fresh, local, and high-quality beer and have over 20 beers on tap. So many of their beers sounded amazing we struggled narrowing it down to the four to have for our flight!

We especially loved their seasonal tater pumpkinator which was strong (9.1% ABV), but smooth and settles nicely with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. The huck if you buck is also great for my sour lovers out there. It was a light sour that was balanced by sweet flavors of huckleberry and blueberry.

Aside from the beer being impressive, we were also fascinated by how Bastet got its name. Bastet is the Egyptian cat goddess which represents both the gentle domestic cat and the war-like lioness. One myth tells a story of how Bastet was sent to Earth by her father Ra to wage war on humanity.

Ra called his daughter back to his side because he was afraid she would kill everyone when he witnessed the severity of the destruction. She, however, disregarded his requests out of her thirst for blood. Ra arranged for 7,000 jugs of beer and pomegranate juice (which stained the beer blood red) to be distributed among the fields surrounding her.

She drank the “blood” to the point of intoxication, fell asleep for three days, and awoke with a horrible hangover. As a result, mankind was spared her wrath. That’s right, beer saved the world!

11. Rock Brother Brewing

Rock Brothers Brewing is a local craft microbrewery that features live music and engrains the partnership of music and brews deep into every detail.

Along with serving up their own brews, they also have a full bar. This venue is spacey, and they even host local and big-name artists in The Attic.

“Music and beer have a lot in common. Both require hard work and commitment to create and both are born from the overlap of craft, art, and passion. The opportunity to bring music and beer together with Rock Brothers was just too cool to pass up.” – Joey Redner of Cigar City Brewing

Other breweries to check out:

I hope this list of the best breweries in Tampa convinced you to add experiencing the local brew scene to your list of things to do in Tampa and helped you decide where to start your journey.

For those of you who are already a beer connoisseur looking for more than what’s on tap at your local pub, these places offer artisanal selections in different styles—so no matter what kind of brew enthusiast you are, there’s something here for everyone!

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