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Honestly, the amount of aesthetically pleasing and deliciously serving coffee shops in Honolulu is overwhelming (quite similar to St. Pete)! Luckily, being the itinerary planner that I am, jam packing our days with fun requires me to be heavily caffeinated. Therefore, I was able to hit a number of these spots— but there are still SO MANY more on my list to check out next time! Here’s my list of the best coffee shops I discovered in Honolulu!

Best coffee shops in Honolulu

Ars Cafe

This adorable coffee shop can be found in Honolulu— a perfect stop after you get done conquering Diamond Head! Aside from coffee and an awesome, creative vibe, Ars Cafe also serves homemade gelato and doubles as an art gallery! They also have plenty of bites if you’re looking to snag some breakfast with your coffee.

Destiny wearing a pink speckled workout outfit and holding up coffee outside of Ars Cafe in front of their mural that reads "Diamond Head Ars Cafe Art Gallery"

Island Vintage Coffee

There are actually several locations, including a few in Honolulu, one in Haleiwa, and another in Ko’Olina. The one at the Royal Hawaiian center in Honolulu is my personal fave! I love the views and fresh air on the second floor patio there.

Go here HUNGRY— the food is absolutely delicious! They have such a nice menu, and it even includes several vegan and vegetarian options! As for their coffee, this spot has a macadamia nut flavor, which is my favorite when visiting Hawaii. So I definitely recommend getting their macadamia nut cappuccino or latte!

Local Joe

For coffee and flavor, this place was my favorite! And you have to check out all of their fun and creative latte art on their Insta, it’s seriously insane! They had a nice selection of flavors, including my Hawaiian favorite, macadamia nut! We had that, as well as a vanilla cappuccino, and both were nothing shy of heaven to our taste buds. If you are driving, we had a little trouble with parking because of some construction, but Local Joe has you covered— peep this parking map if you’re unsure where to park!

Hideout Coffee

This little coffee nook is tucked away inside The Laylow and has the most adorable setup. We really enjoyed our vanilla cappuccinos and were delighted to hear their syrups are made in house! If you’re wanting more than just a quick coffee, they also have a small breakfast menu you can peek at!


This is the most Insta-worthy shop on the list! Enjoy your coffee in the most adorably designed outdoor area. The seating areas are so fun— one even has a disco ball above! The coffee and avocado toast are pleasant, but I also recommend getting their strawberry guava mint iced tea. And this is coming from someone who normally does not enjoy iced tea!

Knots Coffee Hawaii

Knots is located inside Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Waikiki/Honolulu. Bonus points because they’re dog friendly! We unfortunately only made a semi-quick pit stop here just to try the coffee, but man I wish we would’ve gone hungry! Everything on their food menu sounded absolutely delicious. And, if you have someone with you who isn’t a huge fan of coffee, no worries, they also offer beer, wine, and cocktails!

For my locals reading this, they offer a monthly membership that is $35/month for unlimited coffee!

Holding up Knots Coffee cup in front of a palm tree

Green World Coffee Farm

Okay, this one isn’t actually in Honolulu, it’s on the North Shore— but it’s super cool! So if you make your way over to North Shore I definitely recommend making a pit stop here. You can do a self guided tour through their coffee garden and learn where coffee comes from and just how it gets from the tree to your cup. Before heading out, make sure to scope out their shop where they have a variety of local merchandise!

Which coffee shop would you stop at first?

Note: We did our trip during COVID when tourism was just reigniting on Oahu, so there were a number of coffee shops that still hadn’t reopened yet. Oahu is truly filled with the most adorable coffee shops that serve up delightful caffeinated creations, so I’m sure you will be happy with any you check out!

*Pro tip: If, like me, you like your coffee on the sweeter side, make sure to always ask for an extra pump of flavor! I had to do this at each shop, but it really made all the world of difference for me.

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  1. Oooh the food looks incredible at Island Vintage Coffee! To be honest, I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I am always up for a good breakfast, so that one looks fabulous!

    I am pretty sure my husband (a total coffee lover) will like the other suggestions.

    1. Most of them also have tea options as well! I just am a total coffee addict and focus mainly on that haha! But, yes, I agree, Island Vintage Coffee definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to their breakfasts!

  2. Strawberry guava mint iced tea?? Adding Honolulu to my bucket list ASAP 😍
    Also, it’s so cool that Knots has a monthly membership! I wish our local coffee shop did something similar

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