8 BEST Haleiwa Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss on Oahu

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Finding the best spots to eat and drink is one of my favorite parts of travel. Haleiwa, Oahu is not shy of amazing eats. If you’re looking for some of the best restaurants in Haleiwa, take a sneak peek at the following 5 best restaurants.

Brightly colored Sunrise Shack on North Shore

Best Haleiwa restaurants on Oahu

Haleiwa Joe’s

Hands down the best restaurant experience you will have on Oahu. We actually went to the Haleiwa Joe’s in Kaneohe (a must-do activity in Kaneohe!), but I have no doubt their Haleiwa restaurant is just as good!

The food is immaculate, and the drinks set a gold standard. We went here twice during our trip, and I can’t wait to experience this restaurant again when I go back.

Get there early to ensure you have a chance to try their prime rib. It’s first-come, first-serve and they almost always run out by the evening. One order can feed 2-3 people— seriously it’s HUGE!

The seafood chowder is also a must. And did I mention they give you homemade guava butter with your rolls?! Hawaii is known for its Mai Tais, and Haleiwa Joe’s had some of the best— get the giant one to share!

Even if you don’t want to eat here, the gardens are BEAUTIFUL, and a free Oahu experience!

Haleiwa Beach House

Haleiwa Beach House has the most scenic terrace view and an awesome serene environment that offers a relaxing experience in Haleiwa. This Haleiwa restaurant is the perfect lunch spot. The lunch menu consists of salads, soups, sandwiches, bowls, and more.

We stepped out of our comfort zone to try their spicy tuna club, which was interesting (in a good way!), and their beach house fries (a must). There are plenty of fun, fresh, and colorful drinks to choose from as well!

The drinks contain ingredients like guava juice, coconut water, and lilikoi puree (passionfruit)— ingredients you just don’t see too often over here on the mainland.

Tuna club and fun cocktail from Haleiwa Beach House

Aji Limo food truck

While it is technically a food truck, I still consider it one of the best Haleiwa restaurants. Having at least one food truck experience while you’re in Haleiwa is a must!

The Aji Limo truck is a Peruvian Japanese fusion that is commonly known as Nikkei in Oahu’s North Shore. Its colorful, stylish truck will draw you in, but the delicious menu items are what keep you coming back for more! They offer plenty of fresh seafood options as well as a vegetarian menu.

Tip: Aji Limo is with several other food trucks across from Sharks Cove. It is a perfect lunch spot for when you need a break from snorkeling in the area (one of the best things to do on the North Shore)!

Banzai Sushi Bar

This is truly some of the best sushi I have ever had. We went here numerous times while on the island. I highly recommend the California tempura roll. I mean, the whole roll is deep-fried — need I say more?

Aside from the food, Banzai has a unique atmosphere and offers traditional floor seating if you choose. With an appealing slogan of ‘keep it raw, keep it real,’ there are many fresh, light options that don’t include having your whole sushi roll deep friend (that was just what I preferred).

The restaurant also has a wide variety of drinks that include specialty cocktails, wines, and beers. This is a Haleiwa restaurant I go back to every time I visit the island!

Konos Northshore

Konos has several locations on the island (we visited them all because we liked it that much!), so no matter where you are, you can most likely find their heavenly Kalua pig plates, breakfast bombers, and milkshakes. They not only make my list of the best Haleiwa restaurants but also the best Oahu restaurants as well!

When you leave here, you will never be able to look at another pulled pork nacho the same again. Nothing will ever compare! They also offer sliders, plates, bowls, and more. They often top their Kalua pork dishes with homemade guava BBQ sauce, and it’s every bit as amazing as you would think it’d be!

Treat yourself to one of their milkshakes too! They have over a dozen delicious flavors— who could resist?! Our favorite was the strawberry cheesecake!

Sunrise Shack

You had to have seen this adorable place on Instagram before— with such a fun, bright atmosphere and delicious bowls, it is an absolute must-stop! Plenty of signature bowls you can customize to your liking, or enjoy a smoothie if that’s more your style.

Either way, visiting this place is an absolute priority! There is a location on Sunset Beach (pictured below), and they have a newer location at Sharks Cove!

Farm to Barn

Farm To Barn is a healthy cafe located just a short distance from its own organic farm and serves cold-pressed juice and tasty, reasonably priced farm-to-table meals. Their juices sounded so refreshing and delicious, but we were in the mood for acai. For everything the bowl was topped with, I was surprised at how cheap it was!

This spot made its way on my list of best acai bowls on Oahu!

If you have room for more than just acai, they do also have a food menu that includes bowls, sandwiches, salads, and more. And as you can see in the photos below, the views here aren’t too bad either! We took our time enjoying our bowl here just taking in the beautiful weather and scenery.

Haleiwa Bowls

High-quality, local, fresh ingredients, keeping with Hawaiian trends. We had the ‘local bowl’ which was frozen acai puree topped with granola, fruit poi, bananas, papaya, strawberries, Maui bee pollen, raw honey, and raw coconut flakes. For a little bit extra you can even have your acai bowl served in their signature coconut bowl!

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  1. simplyjolayne says:

    All of these eateries look amazing (and the scenery isn’t too shabby either!) I think I would love the Haleiwa Bowls for sure.

    1. Right!? Good food and views? Definitely can’t complain!

  2. Such beautiful restaurants (and food) in such beautiful settings! Can’t wait to get to Hawaii to try a few of these.

    1. You’re going to love it! Enjoy!

  3. Aww you make me want to visit Hawaii even more! *w* Thank you for sharing all of those places, I’ll definitely check them out!

    1. It’s a must-visit place! Truly so magical!

  4. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Oahu. In fact I don’t think I actually stopped by any of these places. They all look so cute and that Acai bowl looks yummy! Would love to go back one day!

    1. Hope you do! So many amazing restaurants to check out! Plus those views never get old 😉

  5. I loved Haleiwa Bowls, Haleiwa Joe’s, and Kono’s during my trip to Oahu! Thanks for sharing these awesome recommendations. I’m dying to go back!

    1. Anytime! 🙂 And ugh, girl I’m right there with ya!

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