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The 13+ Best Things to Do in Dunedin, Florida

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Nestled on the west coast of Florida, just north of Clearwater, lies the charming town of Dunedin. This small coastal community has a rich history and natural beauty. Not to mention there are so many fun things to do in Dunedin, you surely won’t be bored!

Whether you’re looking to relax on a beautiful beach, explore unique shops and delicious restaurants, or take in some local culture, Dunedin has something for everyone!

Some people say it’s comparable to a smaller-scale St. Petersburg, and I would agree. Similar to St. Pete, it has unique eateries and awesome breweries, and it’s very pedestrian and pup-friendly.

But it’s different in that it just felt a little less busy and a little cozier. Part of me would love to keep this hidden gem to myself, but honestly, Dunedin, Florida deserves to be experienced. I am sure you are going to fall in love with this charming town just as much as I have!

Dunedin florida mural

Things to do in Dunedin, Florida

1. Honeymoon Island

Unlike the other beaches in the area, Honeymoon Island is a little more unadulterated. You won’t find beach bars or hotels here. What you will find is plenty of varieties of wildlife, a dog beach, some nature trails, and some beachy areas.

There are two bathhouses and a little cafe if you get hungry. Honeymoon Island State Park is open from 8 am until sundown and has an admission fee ($2 for pedestrians/bicyclists, $4 for single-occupant vehicles, and $8 for vehicles with 2-8 people).

I mostly enjoy this area around sunset. If you drive, one hour prior to sunset, they lower the vehicle admission fee to $4, and the sunset here really is quite the sight to see.

Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin Florida

2. Dunedin Causeway

Open from 5 am to 11 pm, the causeway is great for a number of activities, including laying out, propping up a hammock, kayaking, paddleboarding, Rollerblading, biking, jogging, fishing— and more.

There is a little hut you should notice on your left before entering Honeymoon Island called Sail Honeymoon Kayak and SUP Rentals. Here, you can rent sailboats, kayaks, or paddleboards for various time frames. You can rent for as little as an hour, but if you rent for any amount over two hours, you can take your rental over to Caladesi Island and explore!

Pro tip: go earlier in the morning, because you’ll have a better chance of seeing dolphins!

several brightly covered kayaks from Sail Honeymoon at the Dunedin Causeway

3. Caladesi Island

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the best things to do in Dunedin, Florida involve the great outdoors! Caladesi Island is the perfect place for tranquility. You have a couple of ways to get here— by foot (from Clearwater Beach), by private boat, by ferry, or by kayak/paddleboard.

There are small admission fees regardless of which mode of transportation you take to get to Caladesi.

Caladesi is especially great for nature lovers. There is a three-mile kayak trail you can experience that takes you through some mangroves, or if you want to stick to land, there’s a beautiful three-mile nature trail you can experience! Make sure you bring bug spray!!

4. Take the Jolley Trolley over to Clearwater

The Jolley Trolley is $2.25 or $5 for an unlimited daily pass, and it runs from Clearwater Beach up to Tarpon Springs! Several spots along this route make for great day trips!

You can enjoy a nice coastal ride as you head off to enjoy some activities on Clearwater Beach! Use the Trolley Tracker to see when the trolley will be at the stop nearest you.

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5. Check Out the Foodie Scene

There are so many awesome restaurants and eateries in Dunedin, and the best part is they have just the thing for any craving— Mexican, Italian, Hawaiian, sushi, pub fare, BBQ, everything. You name it, they have it, and all of the spots are within walking distance from each other and will leave your tastebuds pleased (they sure did mine).

Especially if you’re only staying or exploring for a day, I highly recommend bouncing around from place to place and just getting one or two small things at each. We had so much fun doing this! I really feel like we got the taste of Dunedin.

Pro tip: When planning your day and which places to visit, make sure you check what days and times they are open! Many places didn’t open until 4 pm or weren’t open Mondays or Tuesdays! So just keep that in mind when planning!

6. Visit Some Breweries

Dunedin is full of amazing breweries! They each have their own unique flair. At whichever one you stop at first be sure to ask for your very own digital Gulp Coast Craft Brewery Passport. Check in at each brewery you enjoy a beer at and you can receive a prize once you get so many checked off!

7. Visit the Dunedin Mix

The Dunedin Mix is an absolute must-visit, and trust me, it’s not your average food joint! It’s like they grabbed the classic food hall by the taste buds and gave it a fun, chic makeover.

Not only do they serve up some amazing eats—hello, fresh and delicious poke bowls!—but you can also enjoy a variety of boutique pop-ups and lively entertainment in the evenings.

Imagine sipping on a fancy craft cocktail at a carousel bar that gently rotates, giving off those iconic New Orleans carousel bar feels. It’s basically a merry-go-round for grown-ups, and I’m here for it!

8. Stroll the Dunedin Downtown Market

One of my favorite things about Tampa Bay is all of the markets we have! The Dunedin Downtown Market occurs every Friday and Saturday from 9 AM – 2 PM in John R. Lawrence Pioneer Park.

You can grab some fresh produce, gourmet items, and crafts among other things. Plus there’s always live music to enjoy while you peruse.

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9. Do a private boat tour with A Boat Day

If you’re looking for an EPIC boat day in Dunedin, Florida you gotta check out A Boat Day. They have a few different options for the type of boat you can rent. Select either one of their deck boats or a funship and rent them anywhere from 4-8 hours. I highly recommend choosing one of their funships which includes a waterslide!

The boats occupy anywhere from 6-10 people and the charters are private meaning it’s just you, your crew, and your captain (we loved our captain— shoutout to Captain Marcos).

Spending a day with A Boat Day was truly one of the funnest boat days I’ve had. I was worried I would be scared to do the slide, but once I did it, I didn’t want to stop! Aside from the waterslide, you can island hop, go shelling, cruise for dolphins, or do some Florida snorkeling!

This Clearwater Beach activity is perfect for all ages and occasions.

10. Ride the Pinellas Trail

This is one of my new favorite things to do in Dunedin! The Pinellas Trail stretches from Tarpon Springs down to St. Pete.

It’s so fun to ride on your bike, especially in Dunedin. Dunedin has several breweries and restaurants right off the trail with plenty of bike racks so you can feel comfortable popping in and out of each as you ride along the trail.

Activity idea

🚲 Explore the city on a bike in a small group and discover the best of Dunedin landmarks.

Book the tour

11. Get coffee from an adorable coffee shop

There are several great coffee shops in Dunedin, Sandpiper Coffee Roaster Cafe and TuKro Coffee were a couple of my favorites. The hazelnut latte from Sandpiper was so deliciously smooth with the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor! They also have an adorable outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your coffee and breakfast or lunch!

TuKro Coffee is too cute and cozy. Would love to spend an afternoon working at this spot. And of course, it helps that their coffee is to die for. All of their syrups are made in-house from scratch with all organic ingredients. They always seem to have a fun specialty latte or coffee drink, and their concoctions haven’t let me down thus far!

12. Pop around to some of the fun bars in Dunedin

There are plenty of different vibes and options for you if you’re wanting to check out some of the fun bars in Dunedin. HiFi is an awesome Tampa Bay rooftop bar located at the Fenway Hotel, it’s perfect fo sunset views!

For a speakeasy vibe, head to Sonder Social Club. It features cozy, dim lighting with shelves of liquors adorned with one of those sliding ladders you often see in libraries, along with my favorite touch— the speakeasy-style bathrooms that have the doors hidden within bookshelves.

And for my fellow gamers, head to the funniest bar in Dunedin, Reboot! They have pinball, OG arcade games, board games, and game systems new and old throughout the entire place. Seriously, every corner is lined with games. Check out this TikTok for a better look inside Reboot!

13. Visit a local distillery

If you want to sip on something locally made, make a stop at Cotherman Distilling Co. They hand-craft whiskey, vodka, gin, and their Palmer’s Tropical rums using Florida-grown grains and molasses.

The atmosphere is the epitome of chill, with cozy indoor bar seating and a welcoming patio that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon, or a good pitstop off of the Pinellas Trail. Plus, with a rotating selection of food vendors, your taste buds are in for a treat. I loved the sloppy joe grilled cheese I had.

Where to Stay in Dunedin, Florida

If you want to stay in the town of Dunedin itself, there aren’t too many hotel options. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any great ones though!

We loved our stay at Fenway Hotel! Such a perfect location— right across the street from the Clearwater Harbor, and an easy, enjoyable walk downtown. Or better yet, use one of the bikes the hotel has for guests to use freely!

The hotel was moderately priced, however, I have noticed it fluctuates a bit depending on the season. And like most hotels, weekend rates tend to be a bit higher than weekdays. They are a Marriott Hotel, so if you have Bonvoy points, you can just use those (that’s what we did)!

Check out my ultimate guide to travel credit cards to learn how to unlock and rake in all of the benefits and perks!

There is a restaurant and rooftop bar located on-site. You can enjoy indoor or outdoor seating from the HEW Parlor and Chophouse. The food, cocktails, service, and ambiance were all spectacular and perfect for a date night. It’s easily one of the best restaurants in Dunedin!

If the Florida heat is too much for you, they also have a lovely pool area where you can enjoy laying out or taking a dip.

If you’re on a budget, there is a Holiday Inn Express right downtown. It even includes a complimentary breakfast.

As a member, you now get better savings when you book direct.

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide on the best things to do in Dunedin, Florida! And if you get the chance, I hope you take some time to explore one of Florida’s most charming little towns!

Check out my other Florida posts and be sure to follow me on Insta @guidedbydestiny for more Tampa Bay and travel content!

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  1. I’ve been to Florida a few times but haven’t heard of this spot, so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. Wow, what a charming little place. I would definitely be interested in their food scene! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  3. Michelle Segrest says:

    I have never heard of this sweet, charming city, but I think I’m in love! This really looks like my kind of place, especially the two little islands off the beaten path that are protected from touristy hotels and bars. Of course, I also really love dog-friendly beaches since I travel everywhere with my dogs. I am really looking forward to checking out Dunedin the next time I’m near Clearwater! Thanks!

    1. destinysnyder says:

      Then you will definitely love Dunedin! They have a little area called Dogedin with a mural of dogs passed! And the whole town is super dog friendly!

  4. Caladesi island looks right up my alley! I’m always looking for new places to explore in the states – I’ve been to Florida lots but never been there yet! So thank you so much for sharing it’s beauty! Stunning photographs as well 🥰☺️❤️

    1. destinysnyder says:

      Thank you so much! Hope you get to check it out next time you’re in Florida!

  5. The Lost Mirmaid says:

    This looks like such a pretty town to visit in Florida! The restaurant and rooftop bar scene looks super fun too!

  6. Nancy Ellen Hale says:

    I live and work in this beautiful city and just seeing and reading about all the places mentioned is truly exciting. and makes me feel like a tourist who wouldn’t want to miss visiting .and spending as much time as possible exploring. . These pictures just pop out and the accompanying text makes it all complete. My friends up north are now even more envious of Dunedin but then again, who wouldn’t be

    1. destinysnyder says:

      This is the sweetest comment and compliment ever! I am so glad that you enjoyed the post and pictures! I told my mom if she ever moves down here from Ohio, Dunedin is the spot haha! It’s hard not to be envious of such a charming place!

  7. Bon Appetit Restaurant says:

    Destiny, Thanks again for stopping by Bon Appetit Restaurant during your Dunedin travels! We’re so glad you had a fun day exploring our little town. If you ever find yourself visiting Dunedin in the future, please stop by and say hello 🙂

    1. destinysnyder says:

      I was just telling my boyfriend the other day I was craving your tuna! Haha I definitely think we will be making our way back to Dunedin pretty soon! And we will definitely be paying you a visit 🙂

  8. I wish I saw this while I was still in Florida! I had no idea what I was missing out on! Especially these bars and restaurants! The Honu and Sonder Social Club, both sound amazing to me!

    1. Destiny Snyder says:

      Aw, hopefully you can make it back sometime! Sonder Social Club is currently Santa’s Social Club for the holidays and I’m dying to go back myself!

  9. I’ve never even heard of Dunedin, but it looks incredibly charming. And the restaurants look delicious!

    1. Destiny Snyder says:

      Best foodie area in the Tampa Bay I would say! Seriously the most amazing, mind blowing experiences when it came to the restaurant scene!

  10. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the look of the food or the cocktails. Both seem just out of this world. And the white sand beach, so beautiful. I’d definitely hit up some of the breweries while there too. What a great place, I love cute towns like this

    1. Destiny Snyder says:

      I couldn’t agree more! The best restaurants in the Tampa Bay Area are found here in my opinion. Truly an experience!

  11. This looks like the ultimate place to relax! How cute! The food offerings look amazing and you can’t beat the scenery!

  12. Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  13. Thank you SO much for this helpful post! It will be our first visit this weekend and we are super excited.

  14. Unfortunately, Seeds is closing up shop very soon, but there are plenty of other shops on Main Street!

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