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10 Speakeasies in Tampa Bay You Gotta Check Out

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If you share my passion for secret watering holes and covert cocktail lounges, you’re in for a treat! I’ve never been good at keeping a secret, so I’m here to spill the best speakeasies in Tampa you aren’t going to want to miss checking out.

Speakeasies have a charm and allure that’s perfect for a romantic date night or an evening of revelry with friends. While they may have once been elusive, these hidden gems are now sprinkled throughout Tampa Bay, waiting to be discovered by those in the know. So let’s dive in!

Speakeasies in Tampa


Ciro’s is currently the only speakeasy actually in Tampa, as well as the oldest in the area. Call or book online to reserve one of their private boots, or enjoy your craft cocktail in their lounge area. I love their booths, as they feel very intimate (the perfect date night restaurant).

If you’re wondering how to get in, within a few hours of your reservation you will receive a text message for the password you’ll need to give at the door. The outdoor area used to be very unsuspecting and my first time ever visiting I really struggled to find it— but that’s half the fun!

Now, they have a valet out front that’s a dead giveaway. The password aspect and vibe are still lovely though, and it’s definitely worth checking out!

They have a small, eclectic menu if you come hungry. Even when I’m not hungry it’s hard to resist their duck fat fries (just trust me). For cocktails, they have classic favorites as well as “alluring elixirs” which have a little more pizazz. The Fancy AF is especially fun.

They have a great happy hour Monday-Friday that includes $8 cocktails and a few discounted bites (including $4 duck-fat fries!).

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Madame Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Ybor City, Madame Fortune Dessert + HiFi Parlour serves up an aura of mystery and sophistication. This Tampa speakeasy is tucked away inside Roast on 7th.

Indulge your senses in a symphony of flavors with their signature lemon pepper honey turkey flats and tantalizing lemon blueberry icebox cake. Each bite is a culinary masterpiece, crafted with care and bursting with West Indian inspiration. This spot has the same owners as 7th and Grove, which is one of the best Ybor City restaurants. So you already know they know what they’re doing in the kitchen!

Madame Fortune’s cocktails are equally impressive! To enter, keep an eye on their Instagram for the weekly-changing password.

While you’re already enjoying drinks in this area, you may as well pop into some of the amazing breweries in Ybor, or Gasparilla Distillery (one of the best distilleries in Tampa!).


Have you had the chance to explore Tampa’s latest speakeasy sensation, Jekyll? It’s officially one of the best things to do in Hyde Park. Reservations are required. And to gain entry you will need to place a covert bagel order at Sesame.

Once inside, prepare to be transported on a literary odyssey through their cocktail menu, where each libation tells its own captivating tale. With elaborate presentations and a plethora of unique flavors, every sip promises to be an adventure for the senses.

While drinks here come with a higher price tag, around $30 each, the experience is undeniably memorable. While I found the drinks at other speakeasies more to my liking, a visit to Jekyll is still a must for any cocktail enthusiast looking to delve into Tampa’s thriving speakeasy scene.

Speakeasies in St. Petersburg

The Saint

The Saint speakeasy in St. Pete is an absolute masterpiece of thematic immersion. The owners have spared no detail in creating an ambiance that perfectly captures the essence of its sinners and saints motif.

From the confessional-style entrance to the meticulously curated menu, artwork, lighting, glassware, and even the uniforms, every aspect of The Saint is meticulously on-brand.

Not only is The Saint one of the standout speakeasies in Tampa Bay, but it also ranks among the best bars in St Pete. Each visit is an experience in itself, with a new confession posted weekly to be confessed before entry.

Once inside, guests are treated to an array of meticulously crafted cocktails, often selected from the Seven Deadly Sins menu. Whether indulging in Lust, Gluttony, or Sloth, each libation is accompanied by a stunning presentation that further enhances the overall experience.

Additionally, you can partake in the holy happy hour offered Tuesday through Friday from 5-7 PM, adding an extra layer of allure to this already enchanting St. Pete spot.

Dirty Laundry

Don’t tell the others, but I think Dirty Laundry might just be my favorite speakeasy in Tampa Bay! Initially disguised as a trendy laundromat serving delectable pastries and coffee during the day, this hidden gem transforms into a vibrant Havana-inspired cocktail lounge come nightfall.

With its meticulously curated decor, including eye-catching neon signs, Dirty Laundry offers an immersive experience like no other. Treat your senses with a selection of eight expertly crafted Cuban-themed cocktails, each a testament to the establishment’s dedication to authenticity and creativity. They also typically have live music or a DJ that brings all of the vibes!

On Sundays they have Burlesque! This place is great for birthday celebrations or bachelorette parties! (Definitely add St. Pete to your list of best Florida destinations for a bach party if you haven’t already!)

Bar Chica

Quality spirits and fresh ingredients are a focus at Bar Chica, and it shows. The cocktail menu here is rum-heavy, but you can certainly find other options. They even had an option with mezcal, my most recent favorite spirit!

If you’re wondering how to get here, head to the Bodega in downtown St. Pete and head to the back, where you will find an unsuspecting door near the restrooms that slides. Slide it on open and you will find Bar Chica!

This is probably the smallest speakeasy on the list. It can accommodate around 20 people, and the bar seats just 4. The space is intimate but cozy.

Bar Chica speakeasy in downtown St. Pete

Bars that have a speakeasy vibe, but not necessarily a secret or hidden entrance

CW’s Gin Joint

CW’s Gin Joint is one of downtown Tampa’s gems. Not only are the cocktails delightful, but the food is also out of this world. Even if you don’t have room for a full meal, at least try one of their starters. I love their fried artichoke with caviar remoulade! Their octopus is also one of the best in town!

Along with great cocktails and food they also often have live jazz music providing a complete experience.

Mandarin Hide

If you’re wondering where the best espresso martini in St. Pete is, look no further. You can’t talk about Mandarin Hide without talking about espresso martinis, and that’s a fact.

The bartenders pride themselves on craft cocktail culture though, so if you aren’t a fan of espresso martinis and nothing on the menu is catching your eye, they are more than happy to build you your own custom drink!

They have one of the largest inventories of spirits (over 450) as well as one of the largest bourbon, whiskey, and scotch selections in Tampa Bay, including rare and limited spirits not found anywhere else. So I’d say you’re in good hands. 

Their sister location is Mandarin Heights in Seminole Heights and it’s also a great spot with a totally different vibe!

Repeal 18

Repeal 18 is a handcrafted cocktail lounge and a must-visit spot in Westchase. They of course provide delicious craft cocktails, but I especially love them because they offer bar games like pool and darts. The best part is the games are even free. Craft cocktails and games? That’s my kind of place!

The Nest at Cara Cara

The Nest has an amazing lounge area that gives off speakeasy vibes. It’s the perfect place to unwind and have a few drinks with some friends. They will not disappoint you with their drink presentation! I recommend coming hungry and eating at Cara Cara— it’s easily one of the best restaurants in Dunedin!

Sonder Social Club

Sonder Social Club is also located in Dunedin. It features cozy, dim lighting with shelves of liquors adorned with one of those sliding ladders you often see in libraries, along with my favorite touch— the speakeasy-style bathrooms that have the doors hidden within bookshelves.

They have a lovely craft cocktail menu! Don’t see anything you like? No worries, tell the bartender a few things that you crave, and they will whip you up your own personalized cocktail!


Gigglewaters is one of the best things to do in Safety Harbor (one of my favorite day trips from Tampa)! It’s a super cute venue that provides a unique experience with food, craft cocktails, and movie screenings. Check out their upcoming screenings and head over to check them out!

Are you ready to start experiencing the best speakeasies in Tampa Bay?

While speakeasies have been popping up more and more, there have also been some that have unfortunately had to close their (hidden) doors. I hope to see them continue to pop up in Tampa Bay, as they do provide a truly unique experience!

I really hope that you enjoyed this list. Be sure to follow me on Instagram at @guidedbydestiny for more Tampa Bay and travel content 🙂 Some other popular posts you may enjoy:

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  1. oh wow these look so cool. Great guide to be able to find the hidden ones, and great recs for the public ones!

  2. These sound like so much fun to go to! I’ve been to a couple of hidden bars in Europe but I didn’t know Tampa also had some.

  3. I love visiting speakeasies when I travel! I love ordering a cocktail and enjoying the fun atmosphere. These spots all sound great, and I’ll have to check them out when I’m in the Tampa Bay area! Thanks for sharing.

  4. These all sound so FUN! I’d love to check out Dirty Laundry during the day and night. Adding these to my ever-growing Tampa list haha

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