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No more sitting around wondering, “What should we do tonight?”

This list of Tampa Bay date night ideas is jam packed with fun, unique suggestions from low key to extravagant, and boujee to ballin on a budget. There are daytime dates as well as romantic evening date ideas. Some of these Tampa Bay date night ideas are great for any old date night, and some are awesome for special events, holidays, and birthdays shared with your significant other.

While these are date night suggestions, a lot of these can totally be done with your friends as well! Some suggestions can have the romance meter cranked down and just be super fun things to do with your gals!

Tampa Bay date night ideas for the romantics

Have a picnic

Picnics are so fun and intimate. When the weather is nice, it’s so enjoyable to just be in each other’s company enjoying nature and maybe even some wine.

Now, of course, you can set this up by yourself— if you do, I absolutely love this picnic backpack! It has everything you could possibly need for a picnic setup, and it’s so easy to carry! But, if you really want to go the extra mile, you can use Simple Escapes and let Ilene provide you with the most beautiful picnic setup!

Couple on romantic beach picnic date. Romantic date idea for Tampa Bay

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful setup that Simple Escapes presented. You can have them set up at a park, the beach, or even inside your home! I chose the beach to up the romance factor, and boy did it!

Couple enjoying beach picnic watching the sunset

It was so romantic enjoying the sunset together with our adorable set up. Simple escapes really puts effort into the details— blankies to keep you warm, games to keep you from getting bored, cute place cards with your names on it, and as the sun set, we were able to see the lights begin to glow on the canopy. Ilene truly thought of it all! There are so many fun add-ons to this, including making it a painting picnic date night!

Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruises are so underrated— so long as you don’t have any sea sickness issues of course. But really, how nice is it to enjoy a nice night on the water with a yummy meal? What about that doesn’t sound like the perfect date night? Starlite even has additional add-ons if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary!

Drive in movies

These have definitely been making a comeback during the pandemic, but honestly I don’t understand why their popularity died in the first place! I mean, it’s slightly more ideal if you have an SUV or truck where you can make a nice, comfy laying area, but it can still be enjoyable in a car!

Make the date about more than just seeing the movie and prepare some fun movie snacks together, linking a couple of my favorites here and here! Then, set up your viewing space extra cute for a little more romance!

Set up some hammocks and watch the sunset

There are so many things that I think we don’t think about doing because we live here and somewhat take it for granted. The sunsets here are something that I will never get tired of.

 A fun little date night activity could be taking some hammocks to the water and just relax and enjoy the sunset together. My favorite places to do this are at Vinoy Park (St. Pete), Dunedin Causeway (Dunedin), and the Courtney Campbell Causeway (Tampa). All of these areas have trees where you can set up shop, but if you don’t have a hammock— no worries, just take a couple of blankets and you can still have a nice set up and enjoy the sunset together.

Woman relaxing on a green hammock held up by two palm trees

Salsa lessons

Do private dance lessons together! It doesn’t have to be Salsa, but I feel like here in Tampa it’s a very popular style of dance! It can be really fun to learn a new skill together, and I’m sure you’ll get some good laughs throughout. Once COVID chills out, take these dance moves to the club and show off what you and your partner learned!

Tampa Bay date night ideas for the competitors

Personally, these are some of my favorite types of dates. I think that it’s so fun to bring out the competitive side in each other. And while you’re at it, take things up a notch and make sure to make some fun bets for what the loser has to do!

Top Golf

Even for those who don’t actually like golf, Top Golf is fun. Is it embarrassing when you attempt to swing and miss the ball completely in front of your date (speaking from experience)? Sure. But after a few of their yummy cocktails, you’ll be convinced you’re the next Tiger Woods (minus the scandal). This is also really fun for groups, so invite your crew and make it a group date!

Dave and Busters

SO MANY GAMES. Places like this are so fun, because it doesn’t matter what type of game person you are— they have something for you! Basketball, DDR, the classics like Pac Man, etc. It really makes you feel like a kid again running around here. Dave and Busters isn’t the only place in the area with a ton of fun game options though! Check out some other fun game spots in the Tampa Bay Area!

Pro tip: sign up for Dave and Busters emails to get monthly savings as well as $10 in free game play with $10 game play purchase for joining!

Escape room

I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would to be honest! It is so fun working together (or maybe against each other) to solve riddles and clues and try to beat the clock to get out of the room! What makes escape rooms even more fun is there are so many different themes to choose from!

Hard Rock

Dress up a little bit and head to the Hard Rock! Grab a bite to eat at The Rez Grill (or one of the casino’s numerous options) and try your odds at the slots or tables! If you win, up the ante by treating yourselves and getting a room for the night!

Check out a sporting event

Tampa Bay has been killing it these last couple of years in sports. The games are so fun to watch and be a part of. Depending on the season, cheer on one of our Tampa Bay teams, whether it be The Rays, The Bucs, or The Lightning!

Horseback riding on the beach

I mean, does it get any more romantic? Yes, if you do it at sunset and end with a picnic set up by Simple Escapes! That’s proposal level date night y’all! You’re welcome for planning your engagement.

Tampa Bay date night ideas for the adventurers

Check out an aerial adventure park

TreeHoppers is located in Dade City and is the largest zipline aerial adventure park in Central Florida. With your ticket you get three hours of climbing on eight courses with over one hundred different elements.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Is this extra as all hell for a date? Sure. Did I still convince Remi that it’s how we should spend our Wednesday morning? Yup. This experience was truly amazing, and absolutely surreal (read about my experience here).

This is definitely a more pricey date idea, but it’s such a cool, unique idea for a special morning together. So if you want a special way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, this could be super neat!


This is one of my favorite activities! No matter how many times you do it, it feels like a new adventure every single time! Not only that, there are an ENDLESS amount of locations you can explore. Get Up and Go Kayaking has clear kayaks to make the experience even more awesome! They have a number of different locations AND even include glow tours! The glow tours are at night and have underwater LED lights on your clear kayak.

There are truly a number of great kayak spots in the Tampa Bay Area, but if you don’t mind taking a little drive, Weeki Wachee is my favorite place that I have found for kayaking! You can even grab an Airbnb and make a little getaway out of it!

Couple smiling while kayaking through the ocean in Florida.

Helicopter ride

This is another date that is a little bit on the extravagant side, but it’s seriously such a thrill and a very unique date! At The Hangar, you can do a helicopter ride through Tampa Bay Aviation and get an aerial view of this beautiful area we call home! There are different options from length of ride, the area you want to see, and what time you want to go. Of course a sunset one will be the most romantic, but you’ll enjoy the ride regardless of when you go. Afterwards, grab a drink at The Hangar!

Two women inside of a helicopter in Tampa smiling
I did this one with my mom, we both absolutely loved it!

Busch Gardens

Coming from someone who grew up on “America’s rockin’ roller coast,” I didn’t think that Busch Gardens would do much for me, but I was so wrong. If you haven’t been there before, just know it’s more than just roller coasters and rides. There are tons of animal exhibits and even a safari! You and your significant other will have a total blast at this amusement park! We enjoyed a fun boozy day here and already can’t wait to go back!

Tampa Bay date night ideas for the creatives

Bike and check out St. Pete murals

Don’t have a bike of your own? No worries, there are places you can rent them downtown! And even if you think you’ve seen them all, there are actually plenty of new murals around St. Pete since the Shine On Festival! Here’s a complete list and map for you to follow and check out!

Woman leaning up against a mural in downtown St. Pete that says "Stick with what you love"

Dali Museum

It’s honestly so cool that we have the Dali Museum so close— aside from Europe, St. Petersburg, Florida, houses the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s work. If you’re into art (and honestly, even if you’re usually not), this museum is a really unique experience, and there are always new exhibits for those who have already visited before!

I think visiting the Dali Museum paired with taking a nice stroll down to Fresco’s Waterfront or the St. Pete Pier for a bite to eat is the perfect day date!

Get hands on Artsy

Glass blowing, Painting with a Twist, making pottery— there are so many fun options in the Tampa Bay area! AR Workshop has a studio where you can create fun home decor (charcuterie boards, wood signs, etc.)! If you and your partner want to explore your creative side a little bit, the options are truly endless! And the coolest part? All of these provide you with a cute little keepsake from your date.

Comedy Club

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I mean, I think we easily laughed as much at my Top Golf game, but sometimes it’s nice to not be the reason for the laughter, ya know? At Improv in Ybor, they often have names and faces you’ll definitely recognize, such as Marlon Wayans.

Do your own wine and paint night

Of course going to a place is fun, but sometimes being in the comfort of your own home and not having to change out of your PJs is the move. We did this when quarantine first hit and had SO much fun with it! Painting with a Twist actually has DIY art kits for purchase with all the supplies you’ll need! Or you can do what we did and look up a YouTube video of a painting tutorial, go to Hobby Lobby to get your supplies, and hope for the best!

At home paint night setup.  Charcuterie board, wine, paint, and canvas set up.

Tampa Bay date night ideas for the foodies

Cooking class

Heat things up in the kitchen together! Sur La Table in Hyde Park offers cooking classes with dishes from all over the world. I love spending time in the kitchen, and I always feel extra close to Remi when we prepare a meal together, so I love date ideas like this. They also offer online classes, or you can look up a walk-through on YouTube and prepare a meal together at home if you want to stay in!


If you have yet to go to Bern’s, it is such an experience. The food is exquisite. They even have a “Dessert Room” where you go after dinner to get an even more exciting culinary experience. If you order the bananas Foster, they prepare it right in front of you and it’s just absolutely delectable. They aren’t currently doing them, but typically they do tours of the wine cellar and restaurant where they talk about the process they go through to get their beef and the history. It’s all very interesting and just takes the experience to another level.

Bern's Dessert Room famous bananas Foster

Foodie tour

This is one of mine and Remi’s absolute FAVORITE things to do. We’re total foodies, and there are always so many places that we want to check out! We will start at one place and just start walking and pop into whatever places look good. We will get a drink (if they sound good) and an appetizer at each place and just nibble. Sometimes we’ll do a couple of appetizers from a few different places and then share an entrée. Downtown St. Pete, Dunedin, and The Heights area have been my favorite spots to do this!

If you don’t want to do any of the planning and just want to be led, Tampa Bay Food Tours actually does tours through Tampa, St. Pete, and Dunedin! We usually like to go at our own pace, but I definitely think we will be giving one of these a try sometime to switch things up!

Brewery hop

We have a ton of breweries in the Tampa Bay Area, but the amount in close proximity in Downtown St. Pete is perfect for spending the day together hopping around trying a sip at each. Some of my favorite spots to hit are 3 Daughters, Right Around the Corner, OverFlow Brewing, and Cage Brewing. Even if you’re not too into beers (like myself), these spots often have other options like hard seltzers and ciders, and many of these spots have games to help keep you entertained as well. Loser buys the next round!


If you know me, you know I love a good speakeasy. I think it’s a nice chill-but-enjoyable date night option. Speakeasy vibes usually have a very intimate, sexy feel. They are dimly lit and often have little areas tucked away for you and your partner to enjoy some small bites and amazing craft cocktails. Some of my favorites in the area are The Saint (downtown St.Pete) and Ciro’s (Tampa).

Sunday Market at Wat Mongkolratanaram aka Tampa’s own Thai temple

Unfortunately but understandably, this is currently closed as I am writing this blog post. I wanted to still include it because I have heard nothing but great things about this spot, and I hope to go in the future!

When it is running, the Sunday Market has dozens of food and other vendors, and everyone I know who has visited raves that it’s the best Thai food in the area, and from the pictures— I totally believe it!

Gigglewaters Social Club and Screening Room

Have you heard of this place?! It’s located in Safety Harbor and has total speakeasy vibes. To top it off it also has bomb menu items, craft cocktails, AND they also show old movies (Cry Baby, Dirty Dancing, The Sandlot, etc.) in their intimate screening room.

Tampa Bay date night ideas for the nature and animal lovers

Sunken Gardens

Check out Sunken Gardens together! You can see 50,000 tropical plants and flowers, including some of the oldest tropical plants in the region here. Enjoy strolling around little trails while viewing beautiful lush, exotic plants. They even have flamingos and a walk-through butterfly encounter. I think doing little activities like this and then grabbing a bite to eat at one of St. Pete’s several delicious food spots are the best.

Weedon Island

If you’re a nature-enthused couple, this is a really cool spot for you guys to explore together. Weedon Island Preserve has miles of boardwalks and trails, a Cultural and Natural History Center, as well as kayak and SUP rentals in case you get bored of exploring by foot!

Beach day

It sounds so simple, yet I feel like this is a date option Remi and I totally take for granted as it’s such a rare occasion! Seriously, act like you’re on vacay and go get some pina coladas and relax together. Play in the water, put your toes in the sand, and maybe spice things up by renting some jet skis or going parasailing!

Man smiling while laying out on the Florida Beach
That’s my babe!

Weekend date ideas in Tampa Bay

Do a staycation or explore local surrounding areas

We are SO lucky to live in the Tampa Bay Area— there is so much to explore in just this area that it’s almost overwhelming! So get out there and explore it together! Spend the weekend in Dunedin, Sarasota, St. Pete, Clearwater, different areas of Tampa, or Anna Maria Island. I mean seriously, we really don’t have to travel far and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive to take some time and get away for a little romantic outing! If you want to drive a little farther, Miami is always fun! Pick a cute place to stay and get out there and explore the area! Decide on a couple of activities to knock out and pop around to some different restaurants or cocktail spots!

Go to Ocala for the night or weekend

I know, I know. You read that right, I’m suggesting Ocala. There is actually a super cool Airbnb experience that I enjoyed SO MUCH. It was such a nice romantic retreat!

Couple enjoying a picnic together at a beautiful Airbnb in Ocala, Florida for a nice weekend getaway

While these are great suggestions for dates you can do any time, the Tampa Bay Area is ALWAYS throwing cool, fun events! So make sure to check out Facebook or Unation to see what events are coming up!

If you check out any of these spots for your next date night, use the hashtag #guidedbydestiny on Instagram so I can follow along! 


  1. So many great recommendations for things to do in Tampa even if just traveling. I’d go kayaking at night. I love that there are lights under the kayaks to light everything up.

  2. Happy to say I actually did a few of these things during our time in Tampa!! We only went to Berns Dessert room so I really need to come back for the actual restaurant! Great article and I love how you separated it by type of date!

  3. Some great inspiring ideas in here that have me itching to get back out on a fun date once things start reopening in Los Angeles.

  4. We did a Dave and Busters trip for my husband’s birthday a couple of years ago and I thought I would just be bored and a little useless since I never really played arcade games before, but it was so much fun! Great suggestion.

  5. Omg, I love how romantic your picnic looks!! What a beautiful way to enjoy the beach! I’d love to explore the St. Pete murals too, they look stunning! Thanks for the inspiration and the great guide!

  6. I really need to visit Tampa! I love all of these date ideas, especially brewery hopping and a foodie tour. I’d like to go to Bucsh Gardens too.

    1. Tampa is truly amazing!! The great thing is a lot of these ideas can be great for anywhere! Except Busch Gardens, you definitely have to come here for that 😉

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